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A Smarter Way to Meet

Stay Well™ Meetings at Bellagio offer a comprehensive wellness experience with premier meeting spaces, inclusive of state of the art air purification and other sciences-based features designed to enhance your group's or attendees' meeting experience. Featuring collaborations with Cleveland Clinic and world-renowned wellness pioneer Deepak Chopra, Stay Well promotes more productive meetings.



Air Purification  

Removes pollen, mold spores, odors and other pollutants from the air

Cleaning Protocol 

Use of state of the art UVC wand cleaning tool, which neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other microbes



Creates a relaxing, mood-enhancing environment 

Active Green Wall 

Enjoy a calming atmosphere created by bringing the outdoor environment indoors with the Active Green Wall


Nutritious Menu Options 

Enjoy Nutritious Menu Options designated by the Go! Well seal. All approved by leading nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness

Hydration Station 

Encourages meeting attendees to stay hydrated, which is vital for feeling refreshed and rejuvenated


Deepak Chopra Welcome

Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned integrative medicine and wellness pioneer, provides a welcome message, lending wisdom and insight to the features of the Stay Well experience

Cleveland Clinic Wellness 

Complimentary access to online Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs 

Guided Meditation

Meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra encourages guests to relax and rejuvenate