A Smarter Way to Meet

Stay Well® Meetings at Bellagio offers a comprehensive wellness meetings experience with premier meeting spaces, a state-of-the-art air purification system, and other incredible amenities to help enhance the wellness of attendees and promote a more productive meeting. With support from world-renowned wellness guru Deepak Chopra and nutritional direction from Cleveland Clinic, Stay Well promotes more productive meetings.



Air Purification

Reduces allergens, toxins, smoke and microbes from the air.


Optional use of scent creates a relaxing, mood-enhancing environment.


Natural design elements create a calming atmosphere for attendees.

Cleaning Protocol

Use of hypoallergenic products and state-of-the-art UV wand cleaning tool, which neutralizes bacteria, viruses and other microbes.



Use of dynamic color design allowing for themes in meeting spaces.


Cleveland Clinic Wellness

Access to online programs for sleep, stress and nutrition.


Healthy Menu Options

Approved by leading nutritionists at Cleveland Clinic Wellness and designated by their Go! Healthy seal.

Hydration Station

Infused water strategically placed to encourage attendee hydration.


Designated Signage

Signage indicates presence of Stay Well features and programs.

Stay Well Meetings App

Interactive app highlighting tools for activity, nutrition, jet lag and Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs.


Deepak Chopra Welcome

World-renowned wellness guru Deepak Chopra welcomes guests.

Guided Meditation

Meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra encourages guests to relax and rejuvenate.