Bellagio’s Arcadia

Each season, the enormously talented horticulturalists and designers who make up the Bellagio Conservatory team transform this 14,000-square-foot floral playground into a showcase of the distinctive sights and colors of spring, summer, fall and winter—along with a special display for the Lunar New Year. When the seasons turn and the displays rotate, 90 percent of the trees, flowers and plants in the conservatory are recycled, to further celebrate our commitment to the earth.

Show Dates

Lunar New Year
1/16 - 3/6

Spring Celebration
3/13 - 5/22

Summer Garden
5/29 - 8/28

9/4 - 11/13

11/20 -1/1/22

Dark Dates

3/7 - 3/12
5/23 - 5/28
8/29 - 9/3
11/14 - 11/19

A Seson Of Love

The Lunar New Year exhibit for the Bellagio Conservatory was designed with the Year of the Ox in mind to bring a representation of the promising time to come.  The transition from the last year into the coming year of The Ox, symbolizes the tenacity of the people of the world and their undying determination to leave the tragedies of the past year and approach the upcoming Lunar year with a newfound strength, bestowed to them by the hardworking Ox.

The four beds have been designed, with Feng Shui in mind, to interpret four important tenets throughout the exhibition.  The love of nature, in the South Bed, love and commitment in the West Bed, the love of tradition in the East Bed and the love of children and travel in the North Bed. 

Breathtaking & Brilliant

Across the lobby from the front desk is an opening through which a glass ceiling rises up 50 feet. This is the beautiful Conservatory. The ceiling framework and beams are the sculpted green metal of oxidized copper, called verdigris, set in floral patterns.

The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens’ pathways lead to MICHAEL MINA Bellagio, a wonderful gourmet seafood restaurant; Giardini Garden Store, a shop displaying garden-oriented gifts, fountains and decorative items for the home; Spa & Salon Bellagio; and Via Fiore (“flower way”), the promenade which leads to the Spa Tower.

A horticulture staff of 120 maintains the Botanical Gardens and the entire grounds of Bellagio. The staff has the ability to achieve seasonal designs by selecting flowers that complement the trees, gazebos, bridges and ponds,and can add or remove water features to enhance the seasonal effect.

The Conservatory season starts with he Lunar New Year and features traditional designs of the celebration. Spring brings cherry blossoms, while the summer offers flora equally as fragrant. Orange and yellow, brown and gold are used to match the fall foliage. Following Thanksgiving weekend, the gardens are transformed for the Christmas season. Bellagio’s holiday display is one of extraordinary beauty. The wonderful fragrances and magnificent colors of the seasons take over the entire arrival experience. This ever-changing natural display is the single most significant component of Bellagio’s design, fulfilling the promise of creating the most extraordinary hotel in the world.

While at Bellagio

Current Installation

Past Installations


Property Map


Located next to the Hotel Lobby


From Hotel Lobby

When facing the Front Desk, the Conservatory is located directly to your right.

From North Valet & Via Bellagio

Follow the pathway into the casino, as you approach Lily Bar & Lounge, take a left. Continue through the casino until you enter the hotel lobby. The conservatory will be on your right.


Our Horticulture Team thanks you for not walking through the planted displays. *Dates are subject to change