Bellagio’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Inspired by the villages of Europe, Bellagio Resort & Casino’s (“Bellagio”) iconic design and presence on the Las Vegas Strip earned its global recognition as an integrated resort of record. In addition to Bellagio’s renowned hospitality and entertainment experiences, Bellagio is also recognized for its environmental features and eco friendly hotel operations.

Bellagio has nearly 4,000 rooms and over 200,000 square feet of meeting space. There are also unique amenities such as the world-famous fountains and stunning Conservatory. Given this scale and required resources, Bellagio has a large environmental impact. Fortunately, and for decades, robust corporate and operational environmental programs have reduced Bellagio’s environmental footprint. Collaboration, innovative thinking, and teamwork have been critical in managing Bellagio in an environmental manner.

Environmental Programs at Bellagio, an Eco-Friendly Hotel

At Bellagio, we practice environmental stewardship through robust environmental programs across our strategic priorities of Energy, Water, and Materials & Waste. We rely on companywide policies and programs as well as our own unique initiatives to lower our environmental impact. Also, we adapt to climate change holistically, focusing on all three of our strategic priorities in environmental sustainability, rather than solely on energy as most companies do. As most companies do. Our approach focuses on Certifications, Energy, Water, Materials & Waste, and Sustainable Events.

Climate Change Adaptation at Bellagio

At Bellagio, we benefit from MGM Resorts’ continued work on sourcing more renewable energy and companywide decarbonization efforts. For example, the 100MW Mega Solar Panels just north of the Las Vegas Strip can produce 90% of the power needed during daytime for MGM Resorts’ entire Las Vegas portfolio and has contributed to the decarbonization of Bellagio. We also recognize that climate change affects areas differently. In areas like Las Vegas, water stress is a climate-related risk at Bellagio. So, we adapt to this climate reality through robust water recycling. Water for our famous Bellagio fountains is not from Lake Mead or the Colorado River, but is instead sourced from well-stocked underground wells. Climate leadership at MGM Resorts is a core aim that we work toward. 

Investing in Energy Efficiencies at Bellagio

MGM Resorts’ energy strategy focuses on driving efficiency and building a clean energy supply across our company. In this area, MGM Resorts has taken bold action to decarbonize its electricity supply and diversify its energy mix, such as MGM Resorts’ 110 MW Mega Solar Array north of Las Vegas. As a company, MGM Resorts has also invested heavily in energy-related upgrades across our portfolio. Examples include updating LED lighting, smart building technologies and state-of-the-art building management systems, all aimed at improving energy use and making our resorts more efficient. As one of our largest and most expansive properties, Bellagio has been a core focus of our energy investments. Learn more about how MGM Resorts reduces energy useage across its portfolio of integrated resorts and entertainment venues.

Bellagio’s Green Building Certifications

For MGM Resorts as a company, we know that decisions made during the design and development phases significantly influence the overall environmental impacts of our buildings over time, especially on energy use. For this reason, we aim to build all new developments to LEED Gold or similar standards. At Bellagio, we believe the external assurance of our building practices and operations is an integral element for long-term environmental stewardship. Since 2010, third-party organizations have assured our environmental specifications and practices at Bellagio, namely the Green Key Eco-Rating. As of 2020, Bellagio has four Green Globes for Existing Buildings, five Green Keys and five Green Keys for Meetings. Green building certifications, sustainable hotel certifications and other Design & Development practices at MGM Resorts are high priorities.

Sustainable Events Center at Bellagio

At MGM Resorts, we have designed a portfolio of unique venues and offer a comprehensive set of ideas to help clients enhance the social and environmental benefits associated with their events. By hosting an event at Bellagio or any other MGM Resorts venue, the environmental impacts of the meeting will already be reduced. Examples of practices at Bellagio and other ideas can be found in the MGM Resorts Sustainable Events Ideas deck.


Our accolades include:

  • “5 Green Keys” rating, the highest possible from the Green Key Eco-Rating Program and a certification achieved by only one percent of all hotels rated.
  • “5 Green Keys for Meetings” rating
  • Four Green Globes for Existing Buildings

More Eco-Friendly Initiatives at MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts has developed a best-in-class environmental sustainability program to reduce the impact of our business activities on the planet. Here is a snapshot of some of our noteworthy companywide policies, programs, and initiatives:

  • Targets for Carbon Emissions, Energy use, Water consumption, and landfill diversion. Learn More
  • Significant investments in renewable energy, including a 110MW Mega Solar Array. Learn More
  • Innovative water recycling inside MGM Resorts destinations in Las Vegas. Learn More
  • A behind-the-scenes sorting and recycling operation to maximize landfill diversion. Learn More
  • A commitment to building all new developments to LEED Gold or similar standards. Learn More
  • Robust sustainability-related policies. Learn More