Environmental Commitment

Bellagio is committed to conservation efforts that support living in the desert. These practices extend beyond Bellagio and reach the local community by educating employees about conserving natural resources at home as well as partnering with local, eco-minded organizations.

At MGM Resorts International we understand that a greener business is a better business and we are committed to integrating environmentally positive operating practices into our resorts that provide a superior guest experience.

The following are some additional ways in which Bellagio fosters its environmental commitment.


Energy and Water Conservation

  • In 2012, the Spa Tower lighting retrofit resulted in the installation of over 26,000 energy efficient light bulbs and the reduction of over 3 million kWh, or enough energy to power 268 homes for a year.
  • 19,000 incandescent light bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs in 2,200 slot machines.
  • 400 lighting motion sensors were installed in office areas, promoting environmental awareness and energy conservation.
  • The gas burner upgrade of the center plant boiler resulted in the reduction of nearly 7,800 MMBtu.
  • Lake Bellagio and “O™” are replenished with non-drinkable well water.
  • An upgraded water treatment system saves 24 million gallons per year.
  • The towel and bed linen reuse program conserves 15.5 million gallons of water

Green Building

  • The 2012 Spa Tower Room remodel featured a variety of green building practices:
  • 819 guest rooms and 109 suites remodeled between August and December 2012
  • Fast-growing (renewable) eucalyptus used in furniture
  • Organic carpet (80% wool and 20% nylon)
  • Double towel bar to facilitate towel reuse


Waste Management and Recycling

  • As of May 2013, Bellagio is approaching a 65% monthly diversion rate, while the 2012 recycling rate was 49.7% with nearly 9,000 tons of diverted recyclables.
  • In 2012, 1,157 tons of glass was recycled, in comparison to the 559 tons in 2011, setting a new MGM Resorts International glass recycling record for the most glass recycled by a single property.
  • In 2010, Bellagio became a partner of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WasteWise program, which promotes prevention and recycling of municipal solid waste and select industrial materials.
  • Trash is sorted for recycling behind the scenes, diverting thousands of tons of recyclables from the landfill each year, like cardboard, glass, aluminum, paper, food, plastic, wood, grease, and horticulture waste.
  • The Bellagio Horticulture department composts 100% of plant and landscaping waste, which is also used to create compost tea that is used as an on-site fertilizer.

Supply Chain

  • Out of MGM Resorts International’s 26 compressed natural gas (CNG) limos, Bellagio holds 13 vehicles which on average result in an 80% reduction of ozone forming emissions.
  • Since 2012, Bellagio has purchased over 270,000 pens containing a minimum of 75% post-consumer content. MGM Resorts is projected to purchase over 6.4 million environmentally-conscious pens annually.
  • Plastic retails bags made available to property guests contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer content.
  • Paper towel rolls found throughout our property contains 70% recycled content, while toilet tissue contains 100% recycled content.
  • To help eliminate packaging and emissions, condiments and food items like jam, cereal, yogurt, salad dressings, and butter can be found in bulk containers at the property Employee Dining Room (EDR).
  • Whenever possible, we purchase glue, paint, and carpeting with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thus promoting a sustainable and healthy work and guest environment.

Outreach and Education

  • TripAdvisor® awarded Bellagio a Gold GreenLeaders™ designation, a status based on “green” practices that the resort has in place. 
  • An interactive and education touch-screen monitor was installed at the employee entrance to help educate employees about Green Advantage, MGM Resorts’ company-wide environmental responsibility platform.
  • Newsletters and weekly sustainability tips educate Bellagio employees about benefits of green activities
  • Internal Green Fairs, in conjunction with the Green Advantage campaigns, engage employees with ways to save natural resources through the adoption of sustainable habits in their personal lives.
  • Bellagio recognized as Club Ride’s #1 employer partner for reporting carpooling and alternative transportation commutes. More than 1,500 Bellagio employees participate in the program.
  • Bellagio’s roof-top herb garden received award for “Best Fresh Idea” at April 10, 2012 Corporate Sustainability Green Team Summit.


  • Grocery vendors are committed to delivering 90% of all items through two distributors, reducing transportation emissions and fuel consumption
  • Ammoniated cleaning chemicals have been eliminated

Employee Programs

  • The Club Ride program encourages car pooling and the use of alternative transportation for commuting to work. Bellagio earned the 2010 Club Ride award for highest program participation and the 2011 Club Ride Marketing Star award for promoting the program to employees.
  • Newsletters and weekly sustainability tips educate Bellagio employees about benefits of green activities
  • Internal Green Fairs, in conjunction with the Conservation Begins at Home program, engage employees with ways to save natural resources through the adoption of sustainable habits in their personal lives

Thank you for supporting our dedication to sustainability. If you would like to provide feedback to help make a difference, please email us at bgreen@bellagioresort.com.

To learn more about the MGM Resorts International sustainability program please click here.

Bellagio Mobile Check-out

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